Santa Fiora

The beauty of the water village

Rich above and below ground, Santa Fiora has always had a close bond with the land on which it stands.

Its development and fortune have been determined in good part by the presence of cinnabar and the working of mercury, the history of which is now handed down in the Monte Amiata Mercury Mines Museum, and above all by the source of the Fiora river, which has given the village and the entire area the benefit of a constant water resource.

All the richness and energy of the subsoil can be seen in the splendid Peschiera, the large pool that reflects the sky, the buildings and the foliage of the trees that surround it like a mirror; all around, in fact, is the Peschiera park that invites one to linger in relaxing walks. 

Just outside the town, the Bosco della Santissima Trinità Nature Reserve stretches along the Alta Valle del Fiora: in this protected area there are tree and fauna varieties as well as the convent of the same name, whose sanctuary preserves the dragon skull linked to a suggestive and mysterious local legend.