Dominion of rock and nature

Roccalbegna is a small town situated beneath Sasso, an imposing crag, and the grandiose Rocca at its summit.

This strategic fortification is open to anyone who climbs the steep stone stairway that wind its way up the rock. Local respect for the fort is equal to its enduring nature; a local proverb states: se il sasso scrocca addio la Rocca (“if the rock crumbles, so too does the Fort”). 

The town still has its original medieval layout, with buildings made of stone, narrow streets and archways that lead to its heart. Here is the town’s curious church, with its slanting facade caused by seismic movement over the centuries, and the panoramic Cassero Senese.

Before leaving, visitors must sample the Biscotto salato di Roccalbegna, a savoury biscuit shaped like a number eight. This delicious golden biscuit has its own festival in August each year. Nearby local villages only add to the charm of Roccalbenga. 

Triana is home to a well-preserved castle, while Cana has a Medicean cistern. The Valley dell’Albegna features two oases of biodiversity, both great for trekking: the Riserva del Pescinello and the Bosco dei Rocconi – which also boasts a spectacular canyon.