A place of witches and poets

Piancastagnaio is a town of narrow streets and houses perched one above the other.

This borgo seems frozen in time, protected by the imposing medieval walls of the Rocca Aldobrandesca. This majestic fort built from lava stone dates back to the so-called Dark Ages. One of Mount Amiata’s most beautiful sites, it is used today to host festivals and local events.

A romantic centuries-old chestnut wood makes the ideal spot for an early summer stroll, while visitors in August can enjoy the local Palio race. Autumn sees the old town brought to life by Crastatone, the region’s most important chestnut harvest festival.

A short distance from the town is the Piatto delle Streghe (the “witches basin”). This ancient fountain, polished smooth by time, features in local legends. The Fonti di Borgo are also worth a visit – beautiful natural springs and ancient wash houses.

Piancastagnaio has long fascinated illustrious poets, such as Carducci and Montale. Each has dedicated verses to the atmosphere of the town.