Oil, wine, chestnuts, and mushrooms: discover the typical flavors of Amiata

If you love traditional dishes and want to make a vacation that combines art and nature with food and wine, the ancient volcano of Tuscany is ready to welcome you.

Seggiano oil, Montecucco wine, and autumn fruits

Among the most famous products of Amiata there are: the Seggiano PDO oil, derived from the processing of the Olivastra di Seggiano, and the Montecucco PDO wine, perhaps the most authentic oenological example of Monte Amiata. Chestnuts, mushrooms, and truffles are the fruits of autumn: in particular, the chestnut is the main ingredient of many recipes such as Castagnaccio cake, Necci (a sort of crepe prepared with chestnut flour), Polenta, and Brodolone, a soup produced only in Piancastagnaio. In this village is held the most famous festival dedicated to chestnuts, the Crastatone.

Cold Cuts and Cheeses of Amiata

Land of shepherds and farmers, the history of Amiata is also linked to the production of particular types of cold cuts, such as Zia di Maremma, Ammazzafegato, and Ventricino, and above all sheep and goat cheeses. There are many small farms in the area that produce Amiata Pecorino PDO, a goat cheese made from raw milk, Pecorino di Seggiano, an aged cheese made from pure sheep’s milk, and yogurt.

Sweet and savory Amiata

If you love sweets and biscuits, Amiata has a lot to offer! Among the typical sweets, there is the Ricciolina of Abbadia San Salvatore, made with chocolate and dried fruit; while the Topi di Castell’Azzara are crescent-shaped sweets, filled with walnuts, honey, cinnamon, and orange peel. Another typical sweet is the Brecciotto, a cookie with an irregular shape with the flavor of anise and wine, typical of Roccalbegna. Here is also produced the Salted Biscuit, made with an anise flavor.

Taste the flavors of Amiata!