Nature, spirituality, and well-being on Mount Amiata

A combination of woods and rock, in a territory forged by the ancient fire of the volcano: if you are looking for nature and spirituality, Amiata is ready to welcome you.

Mount Labbro: nature and spirituality

Located on the south-western side of Amiata, in the municipality of Arcidosso, Mount Labbro is surrounded by an aura of true spirituality. Nature reigns supreme thanks to the Mount Labbro Nature Reserve with the Wildlife Park. Mount Labbro is also linked to the figure of Davide Lazzaretti: on the top, you can admire the remains of his Giurisdavidica Tower.

Merigar West and MACO in Arcidosso

Amiata hosts the Merigar West, the first meeting center of the Dzogchen Community, a lay association inspired by Tibetan culture, at the foot of Mount Labbro. In Arcidosso you can also visit the Maco Museum, Oriental Art and Culture: over 5000 artifacts including works of art, handicrafts, votive objects, and documents on Tibetan and Himalayan culture.

Forest Bathing in the Amiata Beech Forest

Walking in the woods oxygenates the body and mind: it is the so-called Forest bathing. The Mount Amiata beech forest is the largest in Europe and allows you to immerse yourself in long regenerating hikes in close contact with nature. We suggest walking for at least 3-4 hours every day, in complete relaxation, alternating walking with resting.

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