Nature and sport in the shadow of the ancient extinct volcano of Tuscany

Skiing and snowboarding in winter, horseback riding in spring and autumn, glamping in summer: if you love outdoor activities, Amiata offers a wide range of activities for adults and children, with family or friends, to be always in contact with nature.

Skiing and snowshoeing in winter

Over 10 km of slopes to experience on skis and snowboards: in winter the Amiata is a natural gym with 10 km of Alpine and Nordic ski slopes and 6 ski lifts that can be enjoyed with the Amiata Skipass. If, on the other hand, you prefer to relax with a walk in the woods, nothing better than a snowshoe hike.

Oasis and nature reserves in summer

Animal lovers cannot miss a visit to the Mount Amiata Wildlife Park, in Arcidosso, where protected animals live in freedom. There are many naturalistic areas of the mountain: the Pescinello nature reserve, the Pigelleto reserve, the Rocconi reserve, and the Monte Penna reserve. The botanical heritage of Amiata can be discovered by visiting the Botanical Garden of Fonte Magria.

Outdoor activities all year round

Do you love sports in contact with nature? Adventure parks, cave exploration, horseback riding, and sport fishing wait for you. Indiana Park Amiata is the adventure park of Mount Amiata, in Castel del Piano, a unique setting on 2 hectares of wood. There are also many equestrian centers for long walks, while for those who want to live immersive experiences it is possible to stay at Glamping Zancona, in Arcidosso. Finally, in Seggiano you will find the Sport Fishing Lake with carp and sturgeon.

Discover outdoor activities!