Mercury mines and Mount Amiata National Park

The history of Amiata is carved in stone. The extraction of cinnabar from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries represented great wealth for the mountain but also had important social implications. Today the history of the mines and the miners lives again thanks to the circuit of museums and mining sites of the National Park Mining Museum of Amiata which welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

National Park Mining Museum of Amiata

Two mining museums and 4 mines: the itinerary of National Park Mining Museum of Amiata is rich and articulated. It reconstructs the history of the extraction of cinnabar and the production of mercury. The park is located in Piancastagnaio, where the Siele mine is also located, but there are also museums and mines in the municipalities of Abbadia San Salvatore, Santa Fiora, and Castell’Azzara, the latter with the Morone and Cornacchino mines. The visit to the museums and mines is suitable for adults and children alike.

It is possible to visit the park purchasing a special single ticket or the ReMi tourist passport.

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