How to get there

Amiata is located in the southern part of Tuscany, between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, not far from the coast.

It can be easily reached by car, motorcycle and campervan both from Florence (2 h 30m) and Rome (3 h).

From Florence you can take the freeway, with exit at Chiusi/Chianciano and SP146, SP40, SR2, SP61. Alternatively you can reach via the Firenze-Siena, exit Paganico and Strada Provinciale Cipressino, Strada Provinciale Arcidosso and Strada Provinciale Aiole towards Strada Provinciale Vetta dell’Amiata in Abbadia San Salvatore.

From Rome it is possible to follow the A1 until Orvieto Scalo and then follow the SP56, SP99, SP107, SP50 and the Strada Provinciale del Monte Amiata in the direction of the Strada Provinciale Vetta dell’Amiata to Abbadia San Salvatore.

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