From the ancient Aldobrandeschi family fortresses to the museums of art and traditions

The history and culture of Amiata can be experienced today in the Aldobrandeschi family museums and fortresses, suitable for adults and children.

Built by the Aldobrandeschi, the fortresses are now museums and places of culture. Among the main ones are Arcidosso, Piancastagnaio, and Santa Fiora. Little remains of the ancient Aldobrandeque Fortress on the Sasso di Roccalbegna but the visit is still suggestive and from the top, you can admire the entire Albegna valley.

From the Middle Ages to food and wine traditions: the Amiata museums

Among the most important museums of the Amiata region, there is the Museum of Sacred Art in the Abbey of San Salvatore which traces its history since the Middle Ages, with its splendid crypt. Not everyone knows, however, that in Arcidosso there is a little piece of Tibet:the Maco, Museum of Oriental Art and Culture. Traditions on the sacred mountain are important and a visit to the Focarazza Museum in Santa Caterina (Roccalbegna) provides information about the rituals associated with the fire festival of the same name. Finally, Amiata is also rich in museums dedicated to typical products, such as the Oil Museum in Seggiano.

Modern and contemporary art: from Piero Bonancina to Daniel Spoerri

Amiata modern and contemporary art blends with nature. In Castel del Piano, Palazzo Nerucci houses paintings, graphics, and sculptures, with a section dedicated to Edo Cei and Piero Bonacina. Don’t miss the visit to the Garden by Daniel Spoerri, in Seggiano: 113 installations by 55 contemporary artists, perfectly integrated with nature.

Discover the cultural sites of Amiata!